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  • Effect Synchronization Window
  • Button Insertion Window
  • Editing the Properties of Text Element
  • Exporting Options
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Editorial review


Rory Shaffer Senior editor

Alligator Flash Designer has been created to provide all the functions one could need when creating Flash animations. It is a feature-rich application that comes with a large variety of tools and options, which makes it easy to create all kinds of animated Flash content, such as banners, presentations or even complete Flash-based websites.

The main characteristic of this tool is its complexity.
It’s not a simple tool with just a few buttons and menus; it’s a comprehensive and powerful application that doesn't lack any feature you could need in such a program. Unfortunately, this makes Alligator Flash Designer quite intricate and difficult to handle, especially by novice users. Its interface is simple and neat, but the large number of options and tools require spending some time to accommodate with their locations and purposes. Some of these many options and features include, just to mention a few, the support for importing a lot of file types, including images, music and videos, and embedding them into the Flash project; the fact that it allows applying animation effects; the possibility of adding all kinds of shapes, lines, gradients and text to the animation; and many more. You can also easily insert links and clickable areas into the project. Furthermore, this comprehensive utility comes with support for using the ActionScript language in order to customize your Flash project even more thoroughly. I also likeв the fact that it can export the Flash project either directly to a SWF file or to a webpage (both HTM and PHP file types are supported).

In my opinion, though its interface looks pretty user-friendly, Alligator Flash Designer is a complex application created especially for professionals in need of creating intricate animated Flash projects.


  • Offers a very large number of options and tools.
  • Comes with additional support for using the ActionScript language.
  • Can export to webpages or directly to SWF files.


  • It's a bit too complex for the novice users.
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